Johnny Ninos and John Biggs

Tight But Loose

Non Sequitur featuring NoMe Edonna

Love and Luxe featuring Stephen Dove

111 Minna Sketch Tuesdays

Erik Otto and Evan Venegas @ fabric8

An Interview With Ursula Young about her Solo Show @ Fabric8

Teaser Video for Ursula Young’s Solo Show at Fabric8

"Cartoonuum" by Ray Sumser

Wahoo! Santa Fe (Vintage boots and clothing)

Red River Mercantile (Men’s Clothing Store in Santa Fe)

Secret Hippies Show Featuring Reuben Rude and Bill Zindel @ Fabric8

Fabric8 Parklet

Re:Creation Party @ Temple Nightclub

Private Events Video For Temple Nightclub

Shot and Edited by Martha Traer